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Episode 4: The Adams Factor

In Episode 4, Kyle asks his Five Questions with a Forester to Cheryl Adams and Sawyer Scherer, two foresters from UPM-Blandin Paper Company in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Cheryl, now retired, shares stories of many "firsts" in forest industry during her time as Blandin's Forest Ecologist and Forest Manager. As an early career forester, Sawyer is taking Blandin's forests in innovative and new directions, building on the foundation he inherited from Cheryl. Music by Marshall Usinger. If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element.

Camp 8, Episode 3: Clare Boerigter

In Episode 3, Eli and Kyle go deep into our podcast's namesake stand, Camp 8. We visit with Clare Boerigter, a creative nonfiction writer at the University of Minnesota who published a multimedia history of the stand at . We discuss what Camp 8 is, how it came to look the way it does, and what lessons we can draw from its fascinating and long history. If you do not see the audio player, your browser does not support the audio element. Music by Marshall Usinger.